LD06 – Relative intensity noise of injection-locked epitaxial quantum dot laser on silicon

This work investigates the relative intensity noise (RIN) characteristics of quantum dot (QD) lasers epitaxially grown on silicon subject to the optical injection. The effect of threading dislocation (TD), which acts as nonradiative recombination centers in the Shockley-Read-Hall (SRH) process, is considered in the rate equation model. The results reveal that the RIN is enhanced by decreasing the nonradiative recombination lifetime. It is shown that this high RIN characteristics is suppressed by the optical injection. In the stable injection-locked area, the RIN is reduced down to – 168 dB/Hz by adjusting the injection ratio and frequency detuning. This work provides an effective method for designing low RIN lasers for photonics integrated circuits (PICs) on silicon.

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