P19 – Numerical Assessment of Bloch Surface Wave 1D-PhC Sensor using Ba2NaNb5O15 Defect Layer

In this paper, a top defective layer of Barium sodium niobate (Ba2NaNb5O15) material of nanometer range thickness is used to confine Bloch surface mode at the upper interface of the proposed structure. For a 1275 nm operating wavelength, the structural characteristics are intended to stimulate a BSW at the top interface. Wavelength interrogation, angle interrogation, and a surface electric field profile are used to confirm mode confinement. It has been demonstrated that Ba2NaNb5O15 is an excellent material for electro-optic and nonlinear optics applications. The impact of Ba2NaNb5O15 on the top interface of the photonic crystal on sensing performance is investigated in depth. At a wavelength of 1275 nm, the BSW reflectance curve was obtained by comparing different thickness layers of Ba2NaNb5O15 ranging from 45 nm to 85 nm.

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