P11 – Numerical Study of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Optical Microcavities Made of Telecommunication Fibres

We numerically studied stimulated Brillouin scattering processes up to the 5th order is microcavities with various realistic diameters and Q-factors made of standard telecommunication fibres. Pump power thresholds were simulated for different parameters of the system. The  larger the microcavity and lower Q-factors, the higher pump power thresholds are. It is also shown that thresholds strongly depend on pump detuning. For a microcavity with a diameter of 200 µm and Q-factor of 5×107, threshold pump powers for the 1st order stimulated scattering are 0.3 and 30 mW for pump detunings 0 (exact resonance) and 20×2π MHz, respectively.

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