NM07 – Early Cancer Detection by Plasmonic PCF Sensor

Great research work has been studied for cancer detection due to its high death rate. In this paper, a novel design of photonic crystal fiber (PCF) biosensor based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is introduced and numerically analyzed for cancer cell detection. Full vectorial finite element method (FVFEM) is used throughout the numerical analysis of the reported structure. The reported PCF has a V-shaped surface that is coated by ZrN as a plasmonic material. A coupling occurs between the core guided mode and surface plasmon mode which
depends on the studied analyte. The geometrical parameters are optimized to achieve high sensor sensitivity. The proposed biosensor achieves high optical sensitivity of 5600 nm/RIU, 5700 nm/RIU for the x- and y-polarized modes, respectively. The reported optical sensor can pave the road for efficient and simple technique for cancer detection instead of surgical and chemical techniques.

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