LED08 – Influence of Prestrained Graded InGaN interlayer on the Optical Characteristics of InGaN/GaN MQW-based LEDs

In this work, an InGaN/GaN multi-quantum well light emitting diode is designed with different kinds of prestrain layers (InGaN) inserted between the active region and n-GaN layer to demonstrate the effects of piezoelectric polarization on GaN-based LEDs. The device describes a GaN buffer layer which promotes charge injection by minimizing energy barrier between electrode and active layers. Compared to the conventional LED, more than 48.47% enhancement in the efficiency of the LED with prestrain layer can be observed which is attributed to the reduction of polarization field within MQW regions. The proposed device attains a high-efficiency of 81.94%, and minimized efficiency droop of 3.848% at an injection current of 10 mA with 16% In composition and has high-luminous power in the spectral range.

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